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Fireworks: Asking readers where the best fireworks shows are, and where they go to view them.

Libraries: They’re computer savvy and our readers are using them. What do area libraries offer to residents, and what are residents use them for? Breakouts on whether people think they offer enough to residents and also whether they think they receive enough funding (a major issue here in our area).

Funeral home webcasting: An area funeral home has begun webcasting funerals if the families have loved ones who cannot attend services from out of town. They provide a link in an e-mail and the loved one can see the service. They will provide DVDs for those who request them, too. Story will look at what other area funeral homes are offering in this modern age of mourning.

Lighten Up: Weight-loss contest monthly weigh-in results appear, and we’re asking area “experts” how to avoid a backslide after you’ve lost weight.

Home sales: What do you need to do to sell a home? We’ll find out the tricks of the trade and those old wives’ tales that people have used over the years to get the job done. We’ll ask people what they’ve done that worked, and what didn’t.

Independence: Asking readers “Is there anything we can declare our independence from today?”

Bar bands: Profile the area bar bands we list in our pages each week. We’ll ask them to send us MP3s that we’ll include with the online versions of the stories.

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