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Start the clock!

From the blog of Journal Register Company CEO John Paton:

The Ben Franklin Project – We Are On Our Way

Folks, I am happy to tell you we have two teams who are taking on The Ben Franklin Project.

In the next 30 days, the News-Herald, one of our dailies in Ohio, and Montgomery Media, one of our weekly groups in Pennsylvania, will, from assigning to editing – create, publish and distribute news content on the web and print, using only free tools available on the Internet. You will find a complete description of the project here: http://tinyurl.com/y5chfkp.

The News-Herald team will be led by Executive Editor Tricia Ambrose and Managing Editor Laura Kessel. At Montgomery Media the effort will be led by Managing Editor Emily Morris and Online Editor Andy Stettler. The teams will work on separate projects. We want to highlight that in the new news ecology it isn’t just the size of the newsroom that counts but how well it harnesses the power of the web and the audience.

You can read the rest of his post here.


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