Review Gimp (photo editing)

How has Gimp worked for you?

One response to “Review Gimp (photo editing)

  1. GIMP is an interesting case. It has 80% of the functionality of Photoshop, is easy on the CPU and is free.
    The interface is somewhat different (though there is a version that mimics PS out there), which can cause confusion among long-time PS users. For example, the ‘levels’ control isn’t under ‘image’ like it is in PS, but rather under ‘colors.’ Why? Perhaps a copyright thing. They didn’t want to look TOO much like PS.
    Once you get used to that however, the program is pretty functional. The big thing missing for journalists is IPTC caption information. This is a major part of the workflow for most editorial photographers.
    The way around this? You need another program such as IrfanView, iTag or Picasa to accomplish this. Also, beware that once you do add IPTC caption data, if you open a photo in GIMP again, that data (along with META data) will be lost upon re-saving.
    Unfortunately, the JRC archiving system uses IPTC information to search photos. So this is a major shortcoming for GIMP. I have a feeling that a future release of the program likely will solve this problem.
    The other issue f0r print journalists is CMYK coversion, which can be added with the SEPARATE add-on (another freebie). This is an output-based option (unlike the WYSIWYG CMYK option in PS) and is somewhat more unwieldy. But it does work.
    Bottom line, this is a good program once you get past the clunky interface. Pro photographers are still likely to shell out hundreds of dollars for PS based on the workflow issues alone. But for occasional image re-sizing or levels adjustment, GIMP is a great alternative.

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