What’s The Ben Franklin Project?

The Journal Register Company’s Ben Franklin Project is an opportunity to re-imagine the newsgathering process with the focus on Digital First and Print Last. Using only free tools found on the Internet, the project will – from assigning to editing- create, publish and distribute news content on both the web and in print.

Traditionally the model has been for the reporter/editor to determine what should be covered and how it should be covered. That story would then weave its way through the journalistic process – reporters gathering facts from the usual stable of sources and the editors guiding the efforts – before ending on the printed page. From there the vast majority of newspapers have then pushed those stories onto the web. They are literally going from a slow medium to fast. And that’s just backwards both in timing and audience desires.

Not here.

The Ben Franklin Project opens the process and allows everyone to participate at whatever level they are comfortable. Adhering to Journal Register’s digital first mission, the Ben Franklin Project will empower the audience – through use of free web-based tools (the list of which is still being finalized) – to determine on what stories our reporting and editing staff should be focusing their efforts. The audience – the news consumer – will no longer simply be the end user. By transforming the process the traditional “end user” will be put at the beginning of the process when she helps shape the newsgathering and participates in the newsgathering.

Yes, the reporters will still report and the editors will still edit. The difference in the Ben Franklin project is that the journalists will be accountable throughout – not simply after the story reaches deadline and is delivered to the audience. The staff members involved in the Ben Franklin project will ensure their reporting process is transparent as to encourage full participation from the audience. Reporters will document their newsgathering online thus providing the audience opportunity to question, guide and join the process.

All of this will start with the assigning process. To truly engage our readership we must know they are interested in reading, watching and consuming what is reported. The legacy measurements of circulation, sales and even the modern metrics of unique visitors and page views only measure reader interest after the fact. By providing a platform where users can suggest stories, vote for story assignments and/or opening contribute (information, sources, data, etc.), the Ben Franklin Project will create an open-sourced assignment desk. And, the process will continue as readers track story developments online. Stories that not judged worthy by the audience could be dismissed while those that may have been dismissed under a legacy model could find new life.

And since the Journal Register Company, is a for-profit-business, the project will be expanded to include our efforts in advertising sales, customer relationship management and financial reporting – again, we will be using only free web-based tools.

We are asking our employees and the public to help us in any way they choose – from what you think we should cover, once we announce which of our publications will be participating, to the web-based free tools they think we should use. You can comment here or follow the project on Twitter @ #jrcbenfranklin or comment on JRC’s CEO John Paton’s blog at http://jxpaton.wordpress.com.

The second phase of the Ben Franklin Project is for all 18 Journal Register Company daily publications to publish — both online and in print — on July 4, 2010 using only free web-based tools.

143 responses to “What’s The Ben Franklin Project?

  1. Bruce Spiro

    I know that you are working on John’s challenge to see what can be used free from the Internet for Project Ben Franklin, and you have probably already seen most of these, but I found a list of 40 free CMS applications and tools as well as some pagination tools that are either free or pay as you go (50 cents per page which is almost free). I highlighted a few of the popular ones that stood out from the rest at the top.

    CMS tools

    Open source content management, Newswave is a rich content editorial system for press agencies and media groups. Contains Document repository and version control and is said to be one of the most complete packages for enterprise systems.

    One of the most popular and powerful CMS open source products on the market.

    Joomla and Typo3 are products this company supports, they put together a package for you of Open Source products and then provide training and support.

    Is an enterprise web content and portal management system that includes a web publishing system, a content management server, and a portal server

    another very popular, powerful and flexible content management system

    Powerful enterprise content management system featuring web and document management and they even do cloud computing.

    Pagination tools
    Pay as you go which is 50 cents per page or large discounts for enterprise sites.

    Joomla and Alfresco above also do pagination

    List of all 40 CMS tools

    1. Joomla – a very popular open-source CMS that is found at the heart of many well known websites (the United Nations is just one example) 2. Drupal – another very popular, powerful and flexible content management system 3. WordPress – although geared for publishing blog, WordPress has proven that it can be a powerful CMS too, as you can see with my publisher’s custom publishing web site 4. Movable Type – like WordPress, Movable Type is also a weblog creation tool which is also used for building non-blog dynamic websites 5. b2Evolution – a full-featured weblog creation tool/CMS that supports multiple categories, sub-categories, multiple weblogs, skins, statistics, comments, anti-spam filters, photo management and multiple blogs 6. Xoops – extensible, OO (Object Oriented), easy to use dynamic web content management system written in PHP 7. Alfresco – powerful enterprise content management system featuring web and document management 8. DotCMS – J2EE/Java Web Content Management System (wCMS) which includes an AJAX calendar and events management, e-communications tools, personalization/CRM tools, eCommerce hooks and more 9. e107 – PHP-based content management system designed for the quick creation of websites or community portals 10. Exponent- a website CMS that allows site owners to easily create and manage dynamic websites without necessarily directly coding web pages, or managing site navigation.
    11. ImpressCMS – a community developed CMS for easily building and maintaining a dynamic web site offering easy to use, secure and flexible system which is said to be an ideal tool for business to community users, from large enterprises to people who want a simple, easy to use blogging tool 12. Liferay – offers an enterprise portal solution using Java and Web 2.0 technologies 13. KnowledgeTree Document Management System – document management software designed for business people for team collaboration, storing documents with ease 14. Pivot – a web-based tool for maintaining dynamic websites, weblogs or online journals 15. Magnolia – widely used by most Government websites, it offers an easy-to-use editing interface that allows authors to lay out content exactly as it would appear to a website visitor. Contains “best-of-breed” Java technology 16. MediaWiki – is a free software wiki package originally written for Wikipedia, but that is now used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis 17. MiaCMS – is a fork of the Mambo CMS and offers simple installation, graphical content editors, RSS content syndication, powerful/extensible 3rd party extension system 18. MODx – described as a “PHP application framework that helps you take control of your online content”; it allows developers and advanced users to give as much control as desired to whomever they desire for day-to-day website content maintenance chores 19. Nucleus CMS – extensible and powerful CMS based on PHP/SQL blogging tool that features multiple weblog capabilities, and RSS syndication 20. Nuxeo CPS – is said to be “the most complete open source platform” for building Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications, and is described as an user-friendly accessible application ready to for enterprise-grade content management with many collaboration features.
    21. OneCMS – most commonly used by gaming websites, it can be used by webmasters to manage their website, allowing the user to upload files, add content and various other features 22. OpenACS – an open architecture community system toolkit for building scalable, community-oriented web applications.
    23. PhpCMS- a CMS characterized by simple system requirements, high performance and flexibility, which is said to be suitable for both small, private websites, as well as complex high-traffic websites 24. Plone- easy to use, set-up and run CMS, well suited for project groups, online communities, small business websites 25. TextPattern – a flexible and easy-to-use feature rich CMS with a built-in search engine 26. PhpNuke – a CMS and portal solution that features web-based administration, surveys, customisable blocks, modules and themes with multilingual support.
    27. Zope – application server for building content management systems, intranets, portals, and custom applications, written in Python 28. Plone – suited for building an intranet, web site or community site, Plone is a Content Management, Document Management and Knowledge Management system 29. Jahia – is an enterprise web content and portal management system that includes a web publishing system, a content management server, and a portal server 30. Website BAKER – a PHP-based CMS developed with one goal in mind, to enable users to create websites easily 31. ezPublish – is both an open source content management system and content management framework, which offers an enterprise content management solution, community portal and social networking platform 32. jLibrary – a CMS engine geared for both personal and enterprise use and offers a very flexible system that can almost be used for any information management purpose 33. Pligg – ever wanted to create your own Digg clone? Well Pligg is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a content management system based on PHP/MySQL with features such as multiple authors, article rating, private messaging and much more 34. Mambo – full-featured CMS that can be used for small or large websites; described as a “powerful enough for the most demanding Internet or intranet site, simple enough for everyone to use!”
    35. Jaws – a Framework and Content Management System for building dynamic web sites that is user-friendly and easy-to-use 36. Geeklog – PHP/MySQL based application for managing dynamic web content, offering out-of-the-box blog engine, and CMS with support for comments, trackbacks, multiple syndication formats, and spam protection 37. CMS Container – enables an organization to efficiently maintain a large content-driven website using single CMS. This CMS features the ability to create a staging and live environment, scheduling of content for publication, and automatic removal of content on expiry 38. SiteFrame – a lightweight, web-based CMS designed for the rapid deployment of community-based websites. A group of users can share stories and photographs, create blogs, send email to one another, and participate in group activities.
    39. Xaraya – offers a “cutting edge open source framework” written in PHP, on which developers can create sophisticated web applications featuring modular design, stable and extensive API and fully internationalized platform 40. PHP Fusion – PHP-based light-weight open-source content management system that includes a simple, comprehensive administration system.

    • Betsy Wilson

      Great list!
      Do you know of free CRM systems?

      • Bruce Spiro

        I have investigated some free CRM tools but most are specific to a particular application and are usually very limited as to what they can do. For example there are a couple of Free CRM tools that work in Gmail and Google apps, but they don’t really provide very good functionality.

    • I must commend you on an excellent list that you have compiled.

      In one of our projects we have used eZ Publish CMS and it is very suitable for this project too.

      It integrates user generated content with editorial content based on the same system.

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  5. Best of luck to your project! I’ll definitely follow you to hear about your progress. I’d also like to add another useful resource, one that I’m involved in: The Campware initiative, which makes an open source CMS specifically tailored to news organizations as well as a CRM for media. It’s all at our site, http://www.campware.org.

  6. Dave Purcell

    I have used nearly all of these solutions over the past few years and find WordPress to be the best. It’s widely supported with thousands of plugins and free templates. While it is considered a blogging platform, it can be configured to act more like a static website while still taking advantage of the widgets, RSS feeds and database functions relating to recent articles, video, etc.

  7. If you want to fundraise consider using Spot.Us – a free tool to fundraise for independent reporting.

    It isn’t just about raising money – but also lets the audience set the editorial agenda by voting with their wallets.

    Regardless – rock on!

  8. Looking ahead, HTML5+JQuery is a very lightweight, cross browser solution platform to provide very easy to maintain in-house deployments encompassing the Ben Franklin project.

    It suits both PC as well as wireless mobile users to participate – SMS, uploading text and images, uploading and playing videos.

    With majority of users on iPhone, the only small number of users on Windows Mobile would soon be plugged in as well courtesy IE9 that has HTML5 support as well. And that should take care of majority of PC users on IE as well.

    Drupal6 (that supports HTML5) is a proven CMS for community web portal with add-on modules for Newsletters.

    But certain fundamental processes within a company can benefit from rapid development made possible by Microsoft .Net platform, that would produce a small amount of code to accomplish very niche deployable tasks and services on web servers like uploading files/images quickly from various mobiles – thereby very less TCO besides just buying the development copy of .Net Studio !

    Yet again you can very well code some serious custom stuff using J2EE/JSP as in http://www.washingtonpost.com – but then it requires astronomical amount of in house development resources.

    In short the projects needs an architecture that models itself around certain prototypes that meet all the requirements including low cost and quick turnaround for the company.

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  12. sjenkinsdc

    I’m curious to know how you will manage hosting and maintaining the system you will build using free tools.

    Will you manage your own dedicated server or pay someone to do that? Who will maintain the system and do upgrades, etc?

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  20. thegenerousweb

    I sure hope it improves the quality of the paper. Well, you’re a daily, and the sell off the front page. Actually, I buy off the front page, but that takes me to the Kingston Times, something that I really want to read and get an in depth report .
    Too many articles are poorly written, have holes and questions. Quick, perforce shallow, little follow up.
    Your articles often hurt Kingston, that’s inexcusable part.
    Profit is a motive, not an excuse.

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  22. I love the concept and I’m a big fan of this idea….but I don’t see it as a success… YET. It lacks any appeal. The pages are a complete bore. Some are at 5th grade presentation level, at best. The lack of graphics and design could send this sinking to the depths of the sea of boring blogs.

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  26. Tom King

    I was wondering if you have you looked at http://openpublishapp.com ?

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