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DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE – asking readers leading up to July 4th to tell us what independence means to them. We’ll print a quote a day leading up to the 4th, and tell people we will be at the local parade and in the park on July 3rd to video/livestream more of their comments.  Will run with photos – reader-generated as well as taken by our photogs – of all the stuff going on July 3 at Pottstown celebration (parade, 5K run, Little League tournaments, vendors in the park, baby contest, etc.)  Will spill the quantity of photos onto Web site

REPORT YOUR ROAD RAGE – invite readers to tell us about the road rage they encounter on area highways. What roads have the worst drivers? What times of day are riskiest?  Report on the problem for this edition but follow up with ongoing future stories about what can be done about it from viewpoints of drivers, police and prosecutors.

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS – profile some of the services available to military – the Hero’s Welcome project started by a local woman, the Wounded Warrior project, the services offered to returning and departing soldiers at local armories, Southeastern Veterans Center. Involve readers in telling us what should be done, what can be done, what works and what doesn’t to support troops while abroad and upon returning home from war.

CROWDSOURCING IN 1776 – for our monthly First Sunday Look at History feature, history writer Mike Snyder will examine how word of the signing of the Declaration got out throughout the Philadelphia region and beyond. Who spread the word and how did they do it?
DECLARING OUR INDEPENDENCE (Philly cluster) – common editorial page with an editorial on the Ben Franklin Project graphically presented as Declaration of Independence with  parchment-look.  With editorial cartoon to be done by free-lance cartoonist Alan MacBain. Page to be produced in advance by Daily Local for Mercury and  Daily Local; copy and cartoon to be shared with Delco.

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  1. i would love to enter my baby on a baby contest because she is very nice and talented **`

  2. andrew robert long

    The Mercury has been providing me with well-thoughtout and precise information for my local community. I follow many ideas that the Mercury has to offer and will be a supporter as long as I live. I have been in contact with a former Mercury employee for Marketing, Michael Weekley, and still am through his work at the Journal Register. I am interested to see what the Mercury, Journal Register, and he come up with in the future!

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