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UNEMPLOYMENT: Area residents tell their stories thru video – their 30-second resumes, the ways their lives have been affected, etc.

Also – through reaching out to them… what questions they want us to ask legislators, local chambers of commerce, etc., on what is being done to attract jobs here.

Plan to tap into Keystone Opportunity Center, Manna on Main Street and Community Housing Services to get feedback on local concerns and reach out to people who are using their services. Also, Carney Group, which works to find jobs for older residents.

Crowdsourcing through the sources above and through these groups to tap into those affected.

SCHOOL TAXES/PENSIONS/STRIKE: Having had two teacher strikes in two local districts in the past two years, this issue has run very hot in this area. It is easily the top comment-getter in Sound Off and in web comments.

Plan to go to local senior center on Main Street to talk with people who are greatly affected – that age group – and ask them how they see the problem and what they want addressed. Right up the street is the office of our local state senator. We’ll deliver state-related questions to him. Also, what they want us to take to the school boards and teachers unions.

LANSDALE REVITALIZATION: Lansdale has been trying to reinvent itself since the 1960s, at least; it became a big problem when the mall opened in 1977. But a timeline of proposed/failed revitalization efforts would bring this into focus. Just last month they fired the head of the partially opened performing arts center, the latest cornerstone for a revitalization project. Now some people say sell it; others want it pursued and developed, but the price tag is huge.

The new council that took office this year immediately fired the borough manager and then the code enforcement officer… so there are lots of complaints on many fronts in town.

Through social media, those who are taking sides and opening this to residents in general who never go to meetings – livestream council meeting, solicit questions for virtual office hours for council president and mayor – see what is making people most upset, where they want the borough to head, etc.

TOWN CENTER: Our town center photo page that day will be all reader-generated photos.

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  1. The one thing I think makes this town look pathetic are the houses & businesses that are left to run down. Look at the marsela deli on w 6 the St.. an eye soar… There’s a house right on the same street eye soar.. 2 houses on w7th st. Sad.

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