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How true to history are history textbooks? Idea emanated from OP town hall meeting.

A look at how the poor economy has affected readers’ lives. Have you or someone in your family lost a job in the past couple years? How much of your home’s value do you think you’ve lost? Are you going back to school to change careers or get education why out of a job? Have you taken classes because you’re worried about your job? Do you favor keeping/increasing taxes to keep services from school district or community? Readers are being asked a different question about this each day, so you’ll need to continually compile their answers and turn it into a story with subheads.

Readers — adults and kids — tell us what it means to be an American.
Families sharing military photos of loved ones in the service.
How readers are spending their Fourth of July. What are their favorite spots during the summer? Is it any different from what they’ve always done? Going away, and if so, where?
(OP-ED)  The Constitution — Oakland County Circuit Judge Michael Warren, an expert in the Constitution. Will discuss it history and how it could or should be interpreted today. He is co-founder of Patriot Week (, celebrated Sept. 11-17 and author of America’s Survival Guide ( Idea emanated from OP town hall meeting.
Readers tell us what are the most dangerous nightclubs in Oakland County and why.

Pay to Play: Responding to an email from a Rochester parent, we’d like to crowdsource and do a series of stories on the subject of “Pay to Play” in Oakland County. Rochester is talking about tripling the cost for one athlete to play one sport from $160 to $450. What does that mean for families with more than one athlete, or athletes that play more than one sport? How much do other districts charge to play? The idea would be to let a family or athlete tell their story and have staffers fill in the gaps by talking to various athletic directors and administrators as to reasons for the policy. Also, does the fact kids have to play so much guarantee the right to play?

Patriotic Theme: Crowdsourcing and asking readers to list their sports heroes. What do they look for in a sports hero? Are there as many today as in past generations? What do high school athletes define as a sports role model? Again, trying to find an athlete willing to tell his/her story of someone they model their own career off of would inspire the project to new heights. Beat writers could ask some of the pro athletes who their heroes on and see if any of them would be willing to share experiences in that regard. We could crowdsource and run a poll as to who are Oakland County’s sports heroes. Along those same lines, we have a crowdsourced story about a hockey player who recently signed a scholarship to play for the Air Force Academy. We could try to find out if there are other Oakland County athletes playing for the Armed Service Academies.

Old-Time Baseball: One of the participants at the news townhall meeting suggested we tackle the subject of Old-Time Baseball. Actually, there are a couple of such teams playing in Oakland County — one in Royal Oak and one in Rochester. Not sure how the crowdsourcing could be put to use here, but surely, we could get one or both of the teams to talk about the history of the sport, how it applies to today’s modern game. Might work well with the Patriotic theme of July 4th.

Breaking the Mold: While tweeting last week, University wide receiver Martel Webb wrote about how he was glad to have gotten out of Pontiac and wished others could be so lucky. College writer Matthew B. Mowery asked Webb if he would like to write about that and Webb said, yes. If U-M goes along, this could have great crowdsourcing possibilities, asking for other college athletes to voice their college experiences, assigning staff members to get with coaches and athletic directors to kind of report on how the college recruiting process works from the standpoint of getting a kid out there.

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