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Google says App Inventor will open App writing to all

If you haven’t already seen this it’s pretty sweet.

Google has prepped a tool that allows “anyone” to create an app for the Android.

As Peter Cashmore, founder of Mashable wrote:

Google is launching a new tool on Monday that lets anyone create an app for Android phones.Google App Inventor claims to enable non-coders to develop complete, working Android (Android) apps by connecting a series of “blocks.” Google (Google) has been testing App Inventor in schools for a year, reports The New York Times. At the time of writing, App Inventor is only available to those who apply via a form.

Check out this video on YouTube for more.

2 responses to “JRC ideaLab News

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  2. It’s an interesting piece of software although its functionality is as of yet too limited to replace my own coding efforts…

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