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April 23, 2010                                                                                         Contact: Emily Morris


Perkasie News-Herald wants you
to take back your town!

Sellersville Theater asks you to participate in a nationally webcast town hall meeting on the future of Newspapers Tuesday

FORT WASHINGTON – Residents of the Pennridge area are invited to attend a town hall meeting at the Sellersville Theater 1894, 24 W. Temple Ave., Sellersville, Tuesday, April 27 from 6 to 7 p.m. Staff members of the Perkasie News-Herald will be on-hand to announce a new community-building journalism project aimed at connecting the community to its news source by asking residents and readers to become part of the news-gathering process.

The Perkasie News-Herald, which covers the eight municipality-region of the Pennridge School District, was selected to be one of only two sites in the country for the initial launch of The Ben Franklin Project, created by the Journal Register Company, parent company of the News-Herald.

The Ben Franklin Project challenges the community to come together to decide what information it would like to see covered and further encourages readers to become active members of the news gathering process by submitting tips, personal stories, photos, videos and more using tools found for free on the Internet. Part of the project’s mission is to create a web and print publication for one week that uses only free tools widely available on the Internet to show residents just how easy it is to become part of the process and help participate in the creation of their local news coverage.

Since announcing the project in early April, Journal Register Company has launched a blog,, to track the progress of the project over time and to make sure the readers know that the process is completely open and transparent. Since the launch, interested readers of Journal Register Company newspapers across the country and those interested in the changing face of journalism have commented on everything from how to execute the project to what tools to use to make it a success. The project has received attention from several blogs within the journalism industry. Jeff Jarvis, author of “What Would Google Do?” and a member of Journal Register Company’s advisory board, has also written about how the project came to be (

The town hall meeting at the Sellersville Theater 1894 will serve to better explain the project and begin the process of seeking ideas for stories, tools and more from you, the community. We will provide an overview of the project, seek guidance on what stories you’d like to see covered as part of the project and how you envision that coverage coming together. From there, we’ll begin the process of gathering those stories, keeping it entirely public every step of the way via a WordPress blog that will be announced and launched Monday, April 26.

The town hall meeting will be streamed live on our website those with high-speed Internet to be able to participate from home if necessary and will also be recorded and provided on the above website for public review and further comment.

The Sellersville Theatre is generously hosting this event to the public. The Sellersville Theatre 1894 is an intimate, welcoming, live music and comedy venue in Bucks County, offering an ambitious year-round schedule of top name performers and raising new talent in many genres: blues, singer songwriter, rock, Celtic, folk, bluegrass, country, jazz and oldies.

Although it is not required, attendees can RSVP at Facebook at

9 responses to “Montgomery Media, PA

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  2. I don’t understand why big companies like this don’t utilize cheap web addresses to create easily remembered websites. Yes you have a blog, now how about going to and purchasing the domain name or something similiar and map the address to your wordpress blog. You aren’t doing yourselves any favors by creating these long web addresses that won’t be remembered, and it only costs 15.00 a year, and would go great lengths towards staying in the forefront of peoples memories!

  3. John Kahler

    Um, you might get somebody to work on this who knows how to actually create a link in WordPress. URLs in copy – and there are a number – that aren’t actual links are a pain to copy and paste in a browser, and frankly show that the user has little clue about how an actual web resource works.

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