The Saratogian (

JULY 4th ACTIVITIES: On July 4 Saratoga Springs has daylong festivities in and around the downtown park culminating in fireworks. So there will be info on the activities and the prep involved in making this day happen. Thousands of people crowd our little park.

PATRIOTISM: We are asking readers to share their what Independence Day means to them. Also providing more specific questions: Do you feel patriotic? What evidence of patriotism would you like to see more of? Are you or a loved one in the service? If you’re in the service or were in the service, why did you decide to serve? If you have a loved one in the service, how do you deal with that on a day-to-day basis? Some of this could spill onto the editorial page.

CITIZENSHIP: We are asking for anyone who is a new citizen or has a new citizen in their family — why did they choose to become citizens, what’s their back story?


We’ll run samples of the questions in print and online. The mayor has agreed to take the test. We’ve got a couple of other people in mind, too, and we’ll throw it out there to readers.

This will accompany a story about a new or impending new citizen (we’re crowdsourcing this).

We  also plan interview someone whose job is to help prepare people for citizenship.

This is also serve as an advance of the naturalization ceremony that will be taking place on July 4th.

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