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The Daily Times has some great examples of reader interaction including the Reader Question of the Week.

Property Taxes: Look at how property taxes have increased in the last decade in Delaware County, particularly how they have been affected by the school district portion of the tax this year. Reporters will solicit readers using Facebook and Twitter to tell their stories of how they have coped with their rising tax bills. We are going to solicit readers to let us do vignettes with what has happened to their tax bills.

Town Watch: Reach out to readers using Facebook and Twitter to find out about different communities’ successes/failures with their town watch programs. Specifically interested in talking to a town watch the uses Twitter and Facebook to send out updates to residents in its neighborhoods. Interviews with police about whether town watch helps them do their jobs.

Table Games: Table games are coming to Chester’s Harrah’s Casino. Will residents still travel to Atlantic City to gamble? Solicit readers opinions using Facebook and Twitter. Also looking for a reader who has driven to Delaware to play the tables in Harrington.

Farmer’s Markets: Delaware County is awash in farmers’ markets, we’ll talk to customers and organizers as to why these are so popular.

July 4 Activities: Gauging reader and town reactions to possible budget cuts and effect on local Independence Day activities.

Best Golf Courses in Delaware County: Solicit opinion and expert analysis on the best golf courses in Delaware County. Info on everything from favorite holes to cleanest locker rooms to best (or most affordable) pro shops. We can talk in there about the biggest secret in sports in the area (how great Glen Mills’ public course is) to how much better Springfield is after their renovations.

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  1. Izzie

    I wish someone would look into how Swarthmore College got a 2 million dollar grant to build an Inn, Bar and town homes when the money could be used for so many other things in this time of economic struggle. I am sure we can do without an Inn, bar and town homes on the campus of Swarthmore College.

  2. the golf courses in our area have very green and very healthy lawn area that everyone adores~.,

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