Town Hall meeting recap

About 25 people came out to the Sellersville Theater Tuesday evening for our Town Hall meeting.

Some great feedback and great story ideas ranging from the current trash collection and recycling programs to stories on water quality and local government.

It was also just a great opportunity for members of the community to voice concerns — and ideas — about how to improve our website and newspaper.

Thank you to all those who attended and who watched online.


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5 responses to “Town Hall meeting recap

  1. So, is the turnout better than expected/hoped for? Worse? On par with expectations?

  2. Sam Piroton

    Was interesting to watch. I can’t tell how successfull it was because i dont know the city/county.

    There were some interesting profiles in the room.
    And if i heard well, even people who didn’t know about the paper. And that’s interesting. If you succeed in raising people awareness about news, community and your paper…
    For me, i think this meeting, for some of the people there, were more about “complaining” about what ‘s missing right now in the Perkasie Herald. (and that’s amazing; you should organise more of these. Journalists & editors will then more precisely know what people expect)

    While the team idea was to find “citizen journos” (am i right?).

    But I can’t wait to be monday and discover the project’s website.

  3. wish I could have made it, the schedule did not permit. Interested to see the webcast, but am wondering if the stream is somewhere that has better sound?

    Looking forward to being a part of this, as I feel like there are plenty of newsworthy stories that are left untold, and the web could be used to help bring these out. I feel like that is being done already in some parts of the interwebs, but I don’t think that it is being done effectively by the newspaper (see most newspapers website and you will understand what I mean)

    If you have less obnoxious advertising and made the pages more pleasant to look at and information easier to find, I think that you will start to see people come to your web pages more, and make your site more attractive to advertisers. ( this is being said from an advertisers and a local citizens pov.)

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