Test driving Grogger

We spent some time this week with Grogger — a Colorado-based startup.

Toby Murdoch walked us through the platform that is — at first pass — equal parts content curation, crowdsourcing and audience engagement.

The CMS allows users to provide content, editors (and approved community users who have enough positive feedback) to moderate. Contributors, as well as content, can be ranked by the audience.

The tiered community moderation is similar to Journal Register’s recent discussion on story commenting.

Grogger is still in development but the concept of attracting audience and content is interesting.

Ideas of how to pull it all out off for free?


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2 responses to “Test driving Grogger

  1. Well, you can add Facebook Connect to WordPress MU (Multi-user), and you might be able to lay Pligg , an open-source Digg clone with that as well. Pligg has some major hosting providers to start working with that.

    Or, there are definitely ways to do this with Drupal. I believe that Jay Rosen’s ExplainThis.org is built on Drupal. Lots of tools to do group blogs and other tools to curate, and there would be a relatively small challenge to merge the two functions.

  2. Thanks Jon for the write-up.

    For the record: while we’re constantly improving the platform, we’re not “in development.” Check out some live grogs. And we have number of additional grogs soon to launch.

    No one does what we do except for the few sites (BleacherReport, SeekingAlpha, etc.) who have spent millions on their own proprietary system. Even using the building blocks Kevin mentions, the alternatives are: a similar gigantic spend or simply getting going on our platform.

    We hope to have the chance to help JRC on this great project!

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