Pulling content from other sources

From Ivan Lajara

Without mentioning the obvious (FB, Twitter, flips, cojones):

* Crimereports.com, if your community is in it.
* SeeClickFix.com, otherwise (the ones that can be published).
* http://twitpic.com/, for live photo-reporting with smartphones.
* Coveritlive.com for live chats (transcript can be published later, and Twitter feeds can be imported to integrate them with Twitpic.
* UStream.com for live video coverage. You’d need a laptop with a camera or an iPhone. I haven’t been able to find one for the Blackberry 😡

What am I missing?


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7 responses to “Pulling content from other sources

  1. Sam Piroton

    Some more video tools:
    Qik.com or the app for smartphone (livestream)
    Youtube app on android, allows upload of videos on your youtube account from your phone

    Comment tools:
    And, really easily, you can add a facebook livestream to one of your post, cnn uses it and will expand it in the coming 2 months!

    • Sam,

      Various sites have used Qik, Livestream and UStream — varying results depending on the site.

      Have you seen Livestream’s Livepack set up? http://bit.ly/Ci2cP

      Price point is high for this project but it’s a slick offering.

      Jon Cooper

      • Sam Piroton

        Yep, saw it. Kyte is doing the same. It’s quite expensive, yeah, but in the same time, it allows competing with tv-newsrooms.

        Im not saying this is a priority, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the product!

  2. Sam Piroton

    I forgot one new tool, that allows to make a video interview online: http://www.wetoku.com/

  3. Sam Piroton

    Jon, just another link:

    this is a video, in french (sorry) but it explains how you can do live reports and interviews with iphone and accessories. Cheaper than livepack!

  4. Sam Piroton

    Jon, yet another tool i sometimes use. It’s an app, android or iphone. It helps record sound, then embed it on a blog/website.

    it’s audioboo.fm

    Just download the app on the store, link it with your twitter account, and you can publish a pressconference really easily.

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